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Pay to play then pay to watch

Passion Sports was spawned by the initial concept of parents needing to pay a fee to the school in order for their child to play sports and how difficult that task can be for so many. It struck a nerve with both of us because had we grown up in those times, we likely would not have been able to play at all simply due to our financial situations. Sports creates so many values in a person such as learning to work as part of a team, leadership, determination, resiliency and sportsmanship that I wonder how we would have turned out both as a person and as a professional had we not learned those skills. And it is for that reason that we started the order to help those that may currently be in the position we were in years ago.

And now, as a father of a child that plays travel ball, I'm staring down the reality that not only has the cost gone up to play but you now have to pay to get into the tournaments that you already paid for as part of your fees. It just seems like it's getting out of hand. It feels like the charging of fees has become such a normality that I wonder if they are doing it because they truly need the funds to sustain the program or if they are doing it because they can and they know we will pay.


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